This app was a class project I wrote to meet a specific need. I am maintaining a Google Calendar of Chicago area craft beer events for publication as a list of highlighted events on my blogs. The problem was that the Google calendar had no easy way to select just the elements I needed from each calendar date array. My previous solution was to print a date range of event from Agenda view to a PDF, the copy the text into an editor, and kill a lot of lines. Taking what I have learned about APIs, I was able to use the form above that will query my Calendar for events within a certain date range, sort them chronologically, and show just the elements I wanted so I could easily copy and paste into a blog editing window.

A few notes on the building of the app:


Future improvements and wish list:

  • Need to move this section to an "About" menu item. Also build it to look better on mobile devices.
  • If you’d like me to adapt this for your own use, let me know. You basically need your Google Calendar's ID, and the Authorization code string from Google. Check out the published results on my Beeronaut Blog (Look for calendar articles)